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Q: How can I get my songs included in the Find-A-Song database?

A: First, please read carefully all the FAQs below. Please DO NOT send unsolicited materials. If you think you fit the parameters of the type of artists and songs we are seeking, then simply contact us by filling out this Artist Submission Form. We will endeavor to contact you as soon as possible.

Q: Is everyone that inquires eventually accepted?

A: We are looking for quality professional grade recordings performed by children's artists who have experience recording and/or performing for children's audiences. Much also depends on the "marketability" of your music. We need to make sure the songs in the database are those that video producers, computer game developers and filmmakers are seeking for their projects. Click HERE for a general description of the types of songs we are seeking.

Q: How is this any different than those other services that "screen" each song before they pass it along it to be heard by a client?

A: Good question and one that we are very sensitive too. In order to provide a viable source of music, we need to ensure the database contains quality marketability music. We understand that this can be very subjective. What makes this service different is that instead of charging a fee and critiquing each song for submission, each artist is "vetted" first to ensure their music will be successful in this environment. Once accepted into the Find-A-Song™ Artist Group, we will listen to your songs and determine which songs will be most successful in this environment. If you'd like to include more of your songs in the database, we're totally open to your suggestions. Once all is said and done, your songs will be available to all that search the database.

Q: Does that mean there is no screening at all of my songs?

A: No. We don't want to mislead anyone. Understand that we are endeavoring to supply songs that will create a marketable database for producers and companies. Once you have been accepted into the Find-A-Song™ Artist Group, you have already been accepted as someone who produces quality viable recordings. But we may have cause, on occasion, to deny inclusion of a song or ask that it be removed. For example, if there are already dozens of great songs about watermelons in the database, we may not need another. Offering customers too many choices can have negative results. If something like this occurs, we will certainly discuss this with each artist and come to a decision that best serves the use of the database. On the other hand, your song might be so good that we'll decide to remove a different song from the database to make room for yours!! Or perhaps we'll include them all!? We admit it's a delicate balance. But we're hoping each artist agrees that the integrity of the database and the Find-A-Song™ service as a whole, must be a top priority!

Songs can also be denied or removed if they contain inappropriate lyrics or subject matter for children and families. Again, this can be very subjective but we'll endeavor to always communicate quickly and clearly with all artists involved.

Q: What if I'm not a professional performer at this time?

A: We know there are a lot of talented people out there like educators, librarians, youth leaders and even moms and dads who are writing great songs for children. We would certainly be very interested in hearing what you have to offer. And if your songs meet our criteria, we'd be more than happy to include your songs in the database.

Q: I have songs written but not professionally recorded. Can they be included in the database?

A: We are endeavoring to provide quick and easy service to people looking for quality children's music. We DEFINITELY need your song to be a quality recording to be included in the database. If you are unable to provide us with a good professional recording, feel free to contact us for suggestions.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in the service?

A: A one time $50 setup fee. A one time $5 per song mp3 conversion fee. That's it! Your songs are ready to be heard. When we find you a great opportunity we collect a 40% commission for our efforts and the rest is all yours. We'll even collect and manage your payments.

Q: Isn't a 40% commission kind of high? Other services don't charge any commission.

A: At first we considered being like everyone else. To be honest, being artists ourselves and belonging to several licensing services, we remain a little frustrated that we pay a yearly fee, as well as a per song fee for every submission, just for the opportunity to be considered with no guarantee our songs will ever be reviewed by a client. Somebody is making money off this type of service and it's not the artists.

So we decided to do things a little differently. We only charge a one time fee to compensate us for the time it'll take to setup your account and convert your songs samples and that's all. No yearly fee. No submission fee. Instead, we only collect money when we find you a deal. Instead of making money off of you, we want to work for you and share in the success. What incentive do the other services have to actually find you a deal besides good PR? We know that if we don't beat the bushes to find our artists opportunities, we won't make a dime.

Q: How do I know you'll make me the best deal possible?

A: Once again the whole idea of collecting a commission guarantees the artist that we will do everything we can to get you the best deal possible. What do the other services care if you make $100 or a $100,000? They've got their money. We consider this a true partnership run by artists for artists.

Q: Is this an "exclusive" agreement?

A: No. Everything done through the FIND-A-SONG™ project is totally non-exclusive. You are free to make other agreements and/or purse any opportunity on your own. We do have a provision in the agreement that if any licensing opportunity arises that is a direct result of using our service, during membership and for a period of (1) year after termination, the terms of the agreement are still applicable. Please read the Terms & Service Agreement for more information.

Q: Most of my songs are released and controlled by another label. Can I still participate?

A: We initially created FIND-A-SONG™ for the indie children's musician who's in total control of his/her own creative properties. We prefer, when possible, not to be involved with too many third parties when dealing with contracts. We definitely need you to either be in complete control of your music OR have a close relationship with your label and/or publisher as well as have legal authority to entire into this contract before being accepted in the FIND-A-SONG™ ARTIST GROUP. Please contact us for further information.

Q: Will I be contacted and consulted on all deals?

A: No. Due to the fast-paced nature of the music industry, your agreement with FIND-A-SONG™ pre-clears all of your music in the database for non–exclusive licensing in family-friend projects. This means that we may license your registered music without obtaining your approval of individual licenses, at license fees set by us based on types of usage and competitive factors. Pre–clearance is a strong selling point for our clients who are more likely to use music with this streamlined procedure.

It's tough balancing
between doing what needs to be done to be competitive AND at the same time allow artists to maintain absolute control over their songs. We are asking artists to allow us to negotiate and finalize deals without prior notice. We're hoping that the agreement and options the artist chooses will maintain the proper control the artist needs over their materials.

Some other licensors place no restrictions on how songs can be used and have opted for a "point & click" service where songs can be bought with a credit card. We have chosen not to go that way for several reasons. 1) On the artist's behalf we want to help maintain control over the usage. 2) We want to form relationships with companies and get to know them and their music needs. Can't do that if they're simply clicking and buying.

If a song is heard by a client in the database, they need to know the song is available right away. We don't want to have to always say "yes that's a good song BUT we have to check with the artist and get back with you later." In this business, ease and speed make or break opportunities. It is also not unusual for deals to be made over the phone within minutes. Especially TV use. We even had a call once from Great Britain for a song to be include in a show that was airing that night! Crazy I know BUT that's the world we're trying to compete in. So always consulting the artist would really be a deterrent to making deals quickly and it also places a burden on the artist since they'd have to be available 24/7 365 days a year in order to move quickly on opportunities. Part of what we are offering is to allow artists to be artists. Writing, recording and gigging. And allow us to find opportunities for them.

I know this is a great deal of trust to place in someone else's hands BUT hopefully we can gain that trust. The agreement does state that we ONLY negotiate for "family friendly" media and that all deals are non–exclusive. Anything outside of those parameters will be discussed thoroughly with artists before any deals are negotiated.

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