Blue Vision Music is partnering with dozens of award-winning artists to create a one-of-a-kind online service. Find-A-Song For Kids™ is an online database created for the purpose of licensing your songs to music producers, TV producers, computer game developers, video producers or any company producing media or products for the children's market.

The creation of this service has been a 3 phase process.

Phase 1 was to create the technical side of an easy to use database in which artists can have as much or as little control over their songs as possible. Once you have been accepted into the Find-A-Song™ Artists Group, you can upload your own song samples, add lyrics or song information, input keywords for the search engine and add personal information. You will have your own personal User ID and Password to access the database whenever you have a need. Or, if you desire, Blue Vision Music can handle your account for you.

Phase 2 has been to seek-out quality dedicated children's artists who wish to have their songs offered for licensing opportunities.

We've already connected with many of the top award-winning producers of children's music in the industry. To hear a sample, simply search the database using the keyword "demo."

Every artist would like to make more from what they have created. Blue Vision Music™ has been successful in finding opportunities in television, video, games and toys for use of children's music at competitive fees that not only provide just compensation for artists but also offers affordable opportunities for small to medium companies to enhance their projects with quality children's music.

We have discovered that what keeps most companies from licensing any music is lack of accessibility and finding affordable and flexible fees. Surprisingly, many companies don't even have a budget for music. While we will do our best to land you that one BIG deal, the fact is that there are thousands of opportunities for music licensing just waiting out there if approached properly.

Licensing has also become a very competitive market. Determining what's "fair" takes a keen understanding of where the market is and what's being negotiated in each field.

For example, there has been a trend lately in television and film to find independent artists to provide new fresh sounding music for major projects. Our goal is to meet these challenges head-on with quality songs and competitive flexible fees. So while others may sit around waiting to hit the lottery, we're out to work our way to financial success one song at a time and one deal at a time.

I'm sure you have all heard of other services that charge hundreds of dollars per year, a per song submission fee and then "screen" your songs before passing them along to companies. More often than not, your song won't even reach the client. So we've dedicated ourselves to creating a service that is much different.

  • CONTROL: Each member has as much or as little control over their own songs as they wish.

  • EQUALITY: Once your songs are in the Find-A-Song™ database, they have as much of a chance to be heard as everyone else's songs. When someone searches by subject for a song, every song on that subject in the database WILL be shown in the results. Also, each time someone searches the database, the results are randomly shuffled to ensure that EVERY artist has an equal opportunity of having their song heard.

  • AFFORDABLE: Low fees of which most will be invested back into advertising, PR and marketing. To save costs on your behalf, the database has been painstakingly designed so that you can manage your own songs, upload samples, add lyrics and song information, keywords and personal information. And if you need assistance with anything, we're here to help!

  • PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT YOUR MUSIC: We have dedicated ourselves to quality children's music for many years. We know what you as an artist want. And even more importantly, we know what the companies want. Like our logo says our mission is "Bringing Music, Media & Kids TOGETHER!"

We initially created FIND-A-SONG™ for the indie children's musician who's in total control of his/her own creative properties. We prefer, when possible, not to be involved with too many third parties when dealing with contracts. We definitely need you to either be in complete control of your music OR have a close relationship with your label and/or publisher as well as have legal authority to entire into this contract before being accepted in the FIND-A-SONG™ ARTIST GROUP.

In creating this partnership we're looking for a small investment from artists to ensure the quality of service as well as to pay for magazine ads, press releases and marketing opportunities. Everyone in the business knows it's still true. "It takes money to make money." We've tried our best to keep costs low while still providing the chance for everyone to benefit.

Fees include a one-time set-up fee, a one-time per song fee to convert your songs to the correct MP3 format then upload to the database and a commission split for any licensing deals made through the Find-A-Song™ service. For more details, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to provide you with specific fee amounts.

Please read Terms Of Agreement Form.

We're not going to try to fool you by making outrageous claims of fame and fortune. What we do offer is the opportunity to be heard! Between those companies who are just looking for free music, those who are too cheap to pay enough and those who simply don't know what they want, it's a wonder we find great opportunities at all. It's hard work...but you CAN find those great opportunities!

Better yet...why not let them find to you!!

Like all marketing, success is a matter of percentages. In order to find 10 great opportunities, you'll need to seek out a 100 or more. That's a lot of disappointment and a lot of work to do on your own believe me. It takes connections, experience and perseverance to find opportunities and success. On the other hand if you only happen upon 1 or 2 good opportunities a year, your chances of success are very slim. It IS a full-time job unless you have help. And that's why we have created Find-A-Song For Kids™.

Since starting our own music production business in 1994, we have had the good fortune to run across some lucrative as well as unusual opportunities. Over the years our music has appeared on millions of products sold worldwide. Everything from onhold music, music CDs, interactive games, toys, documentaries, videos and major worldwide television broadcasts.

All of which has opened our eyes to the possibilities that are out there for ALL of us.

Building Longtime Business Relationships

One of our major goals is to not just find that one BIG deal (we certainly won't pass it up when it comes along!) but to build long-term working relationships with producers and companies. To become their one and only supplier of children's music. Most of our current clients have been with us for many years.

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies! Find-A-Song™ Is Born!

Several of you reading this may have submitted songs for this project. It was the chance to have a song included on a CD promoting nutrition produced by the LAUSD for children participating in a nutrition program in the Los Angeles area. They expect maybe a hundred songs to be submitted but instead received around 350 songs from all over the world. That didn't surprise me. We are all hungry for opportunities such as this. Especially since they were offering an upfront payment of $5,000 per song. This was the first time I realized what a great idea it would be to have one place where someone could search by subject for the songs they needed.

Long story short, I was fortunate enough to be one of sixteen artists chosen to participate. I was also quick to call friends of mine who I knew had existing songs about fruits or vegetables. If only a service like Find-A-Song™ existed then!

Did You Think Of This?

The fact is you really have to start thinking outside of the box for opportunities. Some of the more unusual calls we've received over the years are things like a song to be played on a float in the Tournament of Roses Parade, a reality TV Show In Great Britain, international book publisher needing music for a CD to include in school books, music for an electronic speaking map, onhold music for a farm tractor supply business, music for personalized CDs, music to be played for a children's museum display and many more. Why they even have singing toothbrushes now!

Getting The Word Out

The final phase of the whole process is getting producers and manufactures to use the service. We've already placed ads and sent out demo CDs to numerous TV and video producers. We're continuing to create press releases and look for opportunities to advertise in trade magazines in order to get the word out. We will also be using the database with our existing clients whenever possible. With hard work and cooperation from artists like you, we hope to create something very special in the children's music industry.

Check it out for yourself. There's an Artist FAQ page that provides more information. Then, if you're convinced this is an opportunity for you, fill-out the Artist Submission Form and we'll be in touch ASAP! If you have any questions, feel free to email us directly or give us a call and we'll do our best to answer all of them.

"The more we get together...the happier we'll be!"

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